12 Planks to Do at Home Instead of Going to the Gym

What do you think is the most effective exercise for your entire body? There are numerous workouts that target each and every of your muscles, but there’s none better for your stamina and endurance than planking. If you think plank is a static exercise with little dynamics, then think again! Thee are different variations of plank that will bring your exercise routine to a new level!

The standard plank strengthens your core, abs, and back. As you progress, it’ll become easier to perform, so when you’re ready, increase the time you hold the position: first to 45 seconds, then to a minute, and so on until you reach 2 minutes. The same applies to the rest of the planks you’re going to see in this video, so just hold it!

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Plank walkdown 1:45
Tom Cruise plank 2:43
Side plank with foot touching 3:24
Knee to elbow side plank 4:07
Plank sidewalk 4:53
One-armed plank 5:32
Plank side jumps 6:17
Side-to-side plank 6:57
Leg lifting plank 7:33
Plank forward slide 8:18
Cross-step plank 8:54
PPT plank 9:30

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– Plank walkdown engages not only your core, but also your biceps, as well as your back and abdominal muscles. Basically, it’s a lot like pushups, only modified to make it easier for beginners.
– Tom Cruise plank, or a Spiderman plank, if you like is all about training your entire body: shoulders, forearms, calves, thighs, and abs.
– Side plank with foot touching is awesome for your shoulders, arms, and hips.
– While you’re still in the side plank position, it’s a good idea to switch to knee to elbow side plank that targets the same muscles as the previous one and adds another group to them: your glutes.
– Plank sidewalk is a lighter exercise to give you a little breather before the tough stuff. It targets mainly your back and shoulders.
– One-armed plank is not exactly for beginners, so don’t feel frustrated if you can’t hold it even for 30 seconds. It will make your core and especially your shoulders burn.
– Plank side jumps works wonders for your hips, glutes, calves, abs, and back. It also acts as a moderately effective cardio exercise, getting your heart rate up, which is always nice.
– Leg lifting plank is a mix of planking and stretching, which helps you avoid injuries and do some endurance training at the same time. Leg lifting plank targets your obliques, glutes, and latissimus dorsi, or the biggest back muscles, nicknamed “lats”.
– Forward slide plank will train your calves, abs, and biceps.
– Cross-step plank is another plank variation that gets your muscles stretched while strengthening your core, back, and legs.
– PPT stands for posterior pelvic tilt, which probably still doesn’t make any sense. Anyway, what this exercise is about is building a lot of tension in your core, activating your abs like nothing else.

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