6 Common Gym Mistakes – Training Legs & Booty

These are 6 mistakes you SHOULD avoid when training legs and booty.

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These mistakes are common, especially for beginners in the gym. But the errors can be crucial to your workout. Doing an exercise the wrong way you can hurt yourself or target the wrong muscles. By learning to do the exercise the right way, you can avoid having injuries as you grow your muscles bigger and stronger much faster.

We will look at 6 exercises, how they usually are done incorrectly, and then correct them. In other words, I will teach you how should perform the exercises for the best result possible.

The exercises and mistakes we will go through are:

1. Walking lunges. A great exercise but can usually be wrong due to taking too small steps and leaning forward with your back. This results in a big part of the pressure is put on your knees and your back, which could result in injures. Solution: instead take a wider step, make sure your knee is in a 90-degree position, your feet should just beneath your knee, and your back must be straight.

2. Leg press. A common mistake in this exercise is to fully flex out your legs and knee and the top. If you’re training with heavy weights this could result in bad injuries to your knees. Solution: the solution is easy. Just stop the motion just before your knees are fully stretched out. This will increase the pressure on your knees and maximise the tension on your muscles instead.

3. Straight deadlifts. Great exercise, but if you do this with a bent over back, you are ensured to get hurt at some point. By doing the exercise this way you’re pulling with your upper body when you really should be working with your hamstrings and glutes. Solution: Have a straight back, a little bit bent legs and have the neck and head in the same position as your spine.

4. Sumo deadlifts. Same as the straight deadlifts, a bent back will put the tension in the wrong place and possibly result in injuries. Solution: Straight back all the way, straight neck and look a bit forward or up and press up the weights from the booty and the legs.

5. Kickbacks in the cable. It’s common to feel a slight pain the lower back when doing this exercise, and that is because the pressure is put on the wrong part of the body. Solution: Higher up your position, for example, stand on the step-up box. Lean forward a bit, hold on to the cable machine, hold your back straight and kick up the weights. Try to feel that your glute is the only muscle working during the exercise. ¨

6. Bulgarian splits. A typical error is standing too close to the bench, which results in the tension being put on your knee. It’s also common to have your back leaning over the rest of your body. Solution: We fix this by taking one or two small steps forward away from the bench. Just like with the lunges, make sure your knees are at a 90-degree angle and that your foot is placed right below your knee. Make sure you have your back straight up. When you’re doing the exercise this way you should be able to feel that it is only your booty and legs that are working.

Thank you for watching guys and I hope that this video will help you fix some common errors and mistakes in the gym. Hopefully, it can help you avoid some injuries and also become stronger and grow your muscles faster.
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