25 New Years Resolutions Ideas – Fitness Goals for 2019

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I hope you enjoy my ideas for new years resolutions to set in 2019. This video is just to get ideas brewing. Let me know if any of these are on your list. Happy New Year to you all!

2019 Resolution Ideas:

1. Run the right health tests + screens
2. Max your pull-ups, or get your first one
3. Try Dry/Sober January
4. Get Ready for a PL Meet: Benchmarks – S: 1.5x bw, bench BW, DL 2.5 bw
5. Do a Whole 30
6. Try old school strong man things
7. Learn a party trick: front lever, flag pole, backflip, picking up a tiny human
8. Climb a peg board
9. Try the CF Open
10. Incorporate Pilates
11. Ditch your smart phone
12. Daily meditation routine
13. Commit to a strength program: free ones on my site, UPLIFTED
14. Run a 5k
15. Track Macros for 12 weeks
16. Find a ‘signature meal’ that is healthy!
17. Build a mini-home gym: pull-up bar, ab wheel, resistance bands
18. Improve mobility for lifting: shoulder, wrist, ankle, knee, hip.
19. Switch from tampons/pands to more environmental friendly options, Flex/Diva Cup
20. Start a bullet journal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fm15cmYU0IM
21. Do 100 push ups a day
22. Qualify for USAPL Nationals
23. Reset with Yoga Sundays
24. Find an active hobby: skiing, diving, sailing, golf, surfing, hiking, camping, dancing
25. Take a minimal approach – and clean out your closets

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